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Join our Campaign Team:


Whether you are focused on local, national, or international issues, electing the right leaders comes down to local campaign organizing. When campaign season starts (typically in June), the Whatcom Democrats swing into action.
Here are some ways you can get involved:
  • Join our doorbelling team!  Talking to voters at their doors is the most effective way to turn out voters.
  • Sign up to do texting, phone calling or data entry.
  • Help sustain our hard-working campaign staff and volunteers with snacks and meals.
Give us a call at 360-647-7661 or email if you'd like to help.

Join one of our Committees

  • Finance (Event Planning)
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Issues & Advocacy
  • Democratic Labor Alliance
  • Outreach Team (march in parades, represent the Dems at community events)

Be a PCO (Precinct Committee Officer)

The PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) is the party’s representative in each neighborhood.  In addition to informing their neighbors about our endorsed candidates, PCOs have the responsibility of voting on bylaws and electing officers to the party.  PCOs are elected every two years by voters in their precincts or appointed by the Chair, in precincts without an elected PCO.

In precincts that don’t currently have an elected PCO, we are looking for people to serve as appointed PCOs, with similar responsibilities but limited voting rights for party issues. Step up to talk to voters in your precinct and work to get Democrats elected!  
To check if your neighborhood has a PCO, email or call 360-647-7661.


Office Staff

Office volunteers do tasks such as answering phones, simple data entry, light housekeeping, stuffing envelopes, and organizing signs and literature.  There are always options, so that if you don't feel comfortable with one kind of task, you can work on another.

Email or call Gwen at 360-647-7661 for more info.

Letters to the Editor

Our letters to the editor group meets monthly by Zoom to discuss issues, hear from candidates, and plan letters. 


Email to be added to the group.

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