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Register to Vote

Register to Vote



Register to vote, check or change your registration information at


Every registered voter will be mailed a ballot approximately two and a half weeks before Election Day.  Call the Auditor’s Office at 360-778-5100 or contact if you haven’t received one. You can also vote in person at the Auditor's office.

Endorsed Candidates
Our Certified and Endorsed Candidates
2024 Primary Endorsements

President/Vice President             Joe Biden / Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator                                Maria Cantwell            
Governor                                     Bob Ferguson             
State Treasurer                            Mike Pellicciotti           
Superintendent of Public Instruction    Chris Reykdal    
Insurance Commissioner            Patty Kuderer              
State Senator LD 40                    Elizabeth (Liz) Lovelett
State Rep Pos. 1, LD 40              Debra Lekanoff          
State Rep Pos. 2, LD 40              Alex Ramel                 
State Rep Pos. 2, LD 42              Joe Timmons              
Supreme Court Justice Pos 9      Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Court of Appeals Judge Pos 1    Cecily Hazelrigg        
PUD Commissioner                     Atul Deshmane          
PUD Commissioner                     Eddy Ury    

2023 Endorsements

Whatcom County Sheriff: Donnell (Tank) Tanksley

Whatcom County Executive: Satpal Sidhu

Whatcom County Council At-Large: Jon Scanlon

Whatcom County Council Dist. 5 (Coastal): Jackie Dexter

Belligam City Council At-Large: Jace Cotton

Meridian School District Pos. 5: J. Riley Sweeney

Sedro Wooley School District Pos 3: Hannah Oliver

Vote YES to:

Bellingham Initiative 2023-1 Raise Minimum Wage

Bellingham Initiative 2023-2 Protect Renters

Bellingham Greenways Levy 5

2022 Endorsements

US Senate:  Patty Murray

US Congress: Rick Larsen

40th LD State Rep Pos 1: Debra Lekanoff  

40th LD State Rep Pos 2: Alex Ramel

42nd L.D. State Senator: Sharon Shewmake

42nd LD State Rep Pos 1: Alicia Rule

42nd LD State Rep Pos 2: Joe Timmons

Public Utility District No. 1 Commissioner District 3:  Jaime Arnett

Whatcom County Proposition No. 2022-045 - Healthy Children's Fund

2021 Candidate Endorsements

Whatcom County Council District At-Large: Barry Buchanan

Whatcom County Council District 1: Eddy Ury –

Whatcom County Council District 2:  Todd Donovan

Whatcom County Council District 3: Rebecca Lewis

Port of Bellingham District 1:  Michael Shepard

Port of Bellingham District 2: Kelly Krieger

City of Bellingham Ward 2: Hollie Huthman  

City of Bellingham Ward 4: Edwin “Skip” Williams 

City of Bellingham Ward 6: No candidate received 60% support and thus there is no endorsement. Please view here for more information.

City of Bellingham At-Large: Kristina Michele Martens

Ferndale City Council Position 6: Kate Bishop

Bellingham School Board Position 4: Jenn Mason

Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures

Currently we are supporting two iniatives from Community First Whatcom.

Ballot Box Locations

Ballot Box Locations

Use a ballot box to ensure your ballot is counted.  Ballots are collected by the Auditor's staff daily, and there is no delay and no risk of the ballot not getting postmarked on Election Day.


Whatcom Courthouse South Parking Lot, 

247 Grand Ave.

Regal Barkley Village Parking Lot
3005 Cinema Pl.

Sehome Haggen
210 36th St., NE Corner of Parking Lot

Whatcom Community College
620 W Kellogg Rd.

WWU, Red Square
Outside Bond Hall

WWU, Student Engagement Hub (Nov. General Election Day Only)
516 High St.

WWU, outside Wade King Student Recreation Center
1880 Bill McDonald Pkwy.

Acme Elementary
5200 Turkington Rd.

Blaine Library
610 3rd St.

Birch Bay

(North Whatcom Fire & Rescue)

4581 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd.

Custer Elementary

7660 Custer School Rd.

Deming Library
5044 Mt. Baker Hwy.

Everson WECU
106 E Main St.

Ferndale City Hall
2095 Main St.

Lummi Nation Admin Building

2665 Kwina Rd.

Lynden Library
216 4th St.

Meridian (Laurel Grange)
6172 Guide Meridian



(North Fork Community Library)
7506 Kendall Rd.

Point Roberts Marketplace

480 Tyee Dr.

(Located inside, contact the store for hours)


534 Railroad Ave.

Sudden Valley

Security Turnaround, Gate One

Running for Office

Running for Office


The Whatcom Democrats’ Candidates Committee works year-round recruiting and talking to prospective candidates. If you are considering running for office, your first stop should be talking to us.  We can help you understand the process and requirements and help you decide if you are committed to do the work necessary to be elected, such as fundraising calls and door-belling.

When the committee explains the efforts needed, some prospective candidates decide they are not prepared to run at this time.  One of the biggest challenges for the committee is convincing people that getting elected is possible, that they can grow into the public role, and that the party will provide support. 

Official candidate filing is done during a one-week period in May of each year. Contact the County Auditor for specific information.

Party Endorsement

A special meeting of the membership of the Whatcom County Democratic Central Committee will be held prior to Primary Elections to give candidates an opportunity to present their case for endorsement.  Candidates who wish to be considered for Endorsement must request this at least 72 hours in advance of this meeting.  Members in good standing vote on endorsements.

Party Certification

Democratic candidates may be able to access party resources prior to endorsement if they request and receive Certification as a Democrat. Click on the Certification and Endorsement Process for details.

Certification & Endorsement Process

Difference Between Party Endorsement And Party Nomination

A political party endorsement is a statement of support of a candidate for public office. It is also an internal policy decision saying where the organization’s resources will be spent. It is no different than a PTA, voter’s league, or labor union picking which candidates they want to support and work for. This is why we require membership in the Whatcom Democrats in order to vote on our endorsement decisions.

A party endorsement has no direct effect on which candidates may run for office. Endorsement does not decide which candidates qualify for the general election ballot, the way a party nomination normally would.

State election law governs the rules of the Primary Election, and currently, in Washington State, primary elections are run like non-partisan primaries, advancing the top two vote-getters to the General Election ballot, regardless of party affiliation. Primaries (in WA State) for partisan offices do not constitute a party nomination process.

Only voters casting a ballot in a Primary Election have the power to eliminate, or advance, a candidate to the general election ballot.

Since we do not hold public nominating primary elections in Washington at this time, the Washington State Democratic Party has adopted its own process and rules to designate who is the nominee of the “Democratic Party” in partisan races in Washington. These rules have no direct impact on the endorsement policy of the Whatcom Democrats.

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