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What Makes You a Democrat?

Do you consistently vote for Democratic candidates because they reflect your values? Is it a feeling in your heart, or head, that you are? Have you previously declared your party affiliation when you registered to vote in another state? Well, it’s time to make it official. Get involved and join the Whatcom Democrats or make an additional donation today!

Local Party Organization Matters

Whether you are focused on local, national, or international issues, electing the right leaders comes down to local campaign organizing. Whatcom County consistently has higher turnouts to Democratic Precinct Caucuses, higher levels of campaign volunteers, and higher voter turnout, than state averages, because Democrats in Whatcom County know how to make a difference. This is because the Whatcom Democrats keep them in touch and informed about elections, candidates, and volunteer opportunities.

Self-Governed, Self-Supported

The Whatcom Democrats, the official Democratic Party organization for Whatcom County, is governed by the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) who are elected by Democratic voters in each of their precincts. In turn, the PCOs adopt bylaws and elect officers who manage the activities of the party. The Officers and appointed committee chairs make up the Executive Board. Our modest annual budget is supported completely by local memberships, donations, and fundraising events.

Benefits Of Membership

  1. A strong local Democratic Party ready to support Democratic candidates every year
  2. Vote on party endorsement of candidates and issues. These party decisions direct our resources and energy to the candidates we care the most about.
  3. Shape the future of the party by serving on any number of committees
  4. Vote on resolutions on the emerging issues of the day, directing party resources to what’s most important to local Democrats

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Democracy Runs on Citizen Involvement
Here’s How You Can Help:

The Whatcom Democrats work year-round to develop the communications networks, electioneering tools, and leadership and volunteer skills to support candidates who share our values.


  • Become a PCO (Precinct Committee Officer). The PCO is the party’s representative in each neighborhood. Step up to organize your precinct’s voter contact by serving as an appointed Precinct committee Officer (PCO) or Precinct Captain. See list.
  • Join the Outreach Committee and help develop ways to reach out to the general community. March in parades, staff booths at local festivals. Call 647-7661 for latest meeting information.
  • Join the Issues and Resolutions Committee and discuss issues that interest you. Meetings are held each month.
  • Join the Events Planning/Finance Committee. We need people who like to plan events. Fundraisers are needed to make sure we are ready for campaign season.
  • Serve as an Election Observer. Contact Lead Observer Jim Fox.
  • Committee leadership is currently needed for Affirmative Action Committee. Contact the Chair
  • Support the work of others as an Office Staff person. Call the office during their hours
  • Come early to our monthly meeting and help set up chairs.
  • Tell us what you want to do. Contact the Chair.


When campaign season starts (typically in June), the Whatcom Democrats swing into action.

  • Neighborhood Canvassing – join our weekend or weekday canvassing teams, talking to Democrats about our candidates and how important this election is. Training always provided.
  • Phone calling to voters to find out how they will vote.
    Staff outreach activities as fairs, parades and other events VOLUNTEER NOW
  • Help organize a neighborhood gathering to meet the candidates. You provide an outdoor setting, we bring the chairs, everything else. We also need someone with a truck to haul our gear to these events. VOLUNTEER NOW
  • Finger-food snacks for our office and phone-calling volunteers and staff to munch on while working. Low mess and healthy appreciated. We’d love to take those extra cherry tomatoes off your hands. Surely you can’t eat them all! Just drop them off at the office any time. Zucchini only in the form of bread or muffins, please 😉
  • Office help in the Campaign office, answering the phone, greeting walk-ins, and otherwise keeping the office staffed and open during our high activity times of Saturdays and weekdays 4 – 8 pm. People willing to commit to a regular shift will be showered with praise and trained for even more important work!


Get Involved
Get Involved
Get Involved

Get our news updates

Sign-up for Event and Meeting Reminders, Late-breaking Activities and Volunteer Opportunities, Press Releases, and other announcements. Average of two to three emails per month, sent by party officers. Please also subscribe to the monthly newsletter, so we don’t have to duplicate newsletter messages to both lists.

Monthly Newsletter – Grassroots
Articles of interest to Democrats in the Whatcom County area. Only one email per month.

Oppose Trump.
Be Loud, Yet Peaceful.


Write an editorial opinion

Letters to the Editor

Here’s the basic information: All letters should be no more than 200 words – shorter letters are more likely to be included and read. Include your name and a daytime telephone number. It would be best to submit a letter to more than one newspaper:

  • Bellingham Herald. Email your letter to:
  • Cascadia Weekly. Email to:
  • Ferndale Record-Journal. Email to:
  • Foothills Gazette. Email to:
  • Lynden Tribune. Email to:
  • The Northern Light. Email to
  • All Point Bulletin. Email to

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Clubs & Organizations

Here some helpful links and information for regional and local Clubs and Organizations.

Washington State Democrats

40th Legislative District Democrats

42nd Legislative District Democrats

Young Democrats of Whatcom County

Whatcom Democratic Women’s Club

The Club meets monthly at various places in Bellingham. Visitors are welcome, and there is always an interesting program with guest speakers on a current issue or topic. Contact us via email, through the Whatcom Democrats office at 360-647-7661 or an officer listed below.

  • Denise Marshall, President, 360-325-1716
  • Ann Richardson, 1st Vice-President, 360-371-0827
  • Dolly Simplot 2nd, Vice-President, 360-778-3608

The Whatcom County Democratic Women’s Club is independent, and is a ratified official Affiliated Organization of the Whatcom County Democratic Central Committee. The Women’s Club has it’s own Bylaws, Standing Rules, dues, and membership.

The Club is also an official chapter of the Washington State Federation of Democratic Women.